6 Nov 2013

Free Pint for Current and Veteran Armed Forces Personnel at Ember Inns.

As a thank you and as a token of their appreciation to serving and veteran Army, Navy and RAF members, popular pub chain Ember Inns are giving current and former members of the armed forces a free pint of cask ale at any of their pubs nationwide on Remembrance Sunday which is on November 10th. [...]

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4 Nov 2013

Free Mocha from McDonald’s

McDonald’s now has an app which you can download to use on your Smartphone or iPhone, you can use it to find your nearest McDonald’s restaurant, to view a full menu including nutritional information and to look at the latest promotions.There are many promotions and freebies for you when the app has been downloaded and [...]

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31 Oct 2013

Free Water Bottle from WH Smith with O2 Priority.

O2 customers can get plenty of rewards, offers and discounts with O2 Priority and you can get your hands on a free water bottle from the UK’s biggest newsagents WH Smith. There are three different types of Priority at O2, there is Priority Tickets which can means you can get first in line to gigs [...]

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29 Oct 2013

3 Cans of Rockstar Energy Drinks(500ml)

QuidCo is a fantastic free service which helps millions of people in the United Kingdom get the value they deserve. You can earn cashback on many of your favourite brands every time you shop . You can either go on the QuidCo site or there is an app you can download on the Apple store [...]

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25 Oct 2013

Free Drinks at Revolution with Aboozement Arcade.

Revolution is Britain’s best loved cocktail bar chain with many stylish nightclubs, bar and restaurants. Revolution has a wide selection of of drinks with one of the most extensive cocktail menus around and plenty of premium and infused vodka, Revolution is also a great place to eat and the all the food is delicious and [...]

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24 Oct 2013

Free Fruitizz from McDonald’s

Fruitizz is a refreshing drink from McDonald’s and you can get one absolutely FREE with the vouchers we are giving away at Free UK Freebies. Frutizz which as the name suggests is full of fruity bubbles is made with grape, apple and raspberry juice as well as sparkling water, there is no added sugar, artificial [...]

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23 Oct 2013

Free Strongbow Cider Promotion.

Strongbow currently have a promotion in which can get your hands of FREE pints of cider, it’s not often you can you get your hands on free cider so this is a brilliant and rare offer. Strongbow is for those who know real satisfaction cannot be bought, it must be earned. Strongbow say that the [...]

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22 Oct 2013

Get free entry to Monkey World by wearing fancy dress at Halloween.

Monkey World is a wildlife centre in Wareham, Dorset, in fact it also happens to be the largest ape and monkey rescue centre in the entire world it even features on a popular television program called Monkey Life which is shown on Animal Planet and Channel 5, Monkey World is open to the public and [...]

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30 Apr 2013

Free Coke Zero Drink

Good Morning everyone, we have free stuff to give away today so keep an eye out on our facebook page for the latest free stuff in the UK. So anyone back to freebie where giving away today! Everyone loves coca-cola right? well have you tried it without sugar or caffeine? No? well give it a [...]

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20 Jan 2012

Free Good Whey Sample Box

The Good Whey Sample box will contain four delicious flavours, which you can shake with milk or juice for a lovely drink, and we also have a Natural flavour to add to recipes. Enjoy Good Whey as a delicious drink for free. Whey is a natural part of milk, rich in lactose, milk fats, minerals and [...]

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