21 May 2013

Free Box of Maltesers Chocolate

Morning everyone, todays a great day, why? because where giving away free boxes of maltesers chocolates whilst stocks last so be quick! Everyone has their own way of eating maltesers, are you a cruncher or a sucker? I have to admit though, i am a suck, i like to stick a malteser in my mouth [...]

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16 May 2013

Free Packet of Halls XS

Hey Everyone, some of us may have seen that Halls have a new product out and have been doing lots of TV advertising in the UK. Unlock the power of invigoration with new Halls XS. To celebrate the launch of their new sweet, there giving away 500 FREE packs every day. Don’t miss out, get [...]

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2 May 2013

Free Mars Mix (Two Packets!)

Thank you for supporting FreeUKFreebies.co.uk by liking our facebook page and also sharing our page to your friends to help us grow. We hope you continue to support as we value each and every single one of you, this is why where giving you all an exclusive freebie which cant be found on the site [...]

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15 Nov 2011

Free Packet Of Starburst Sweets

Yum yum yum is all i can say, here at FreeUKFreebies we have had an exclusive taste of these limited edition packs of Starburst and let me tell you now, go and buy as many as you can before they all go as they are yummy! Everyone loves Free Sweets and to give you a [...]

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