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Thank for taking part in our exclusive Facebook Freebie, if you have’nt already please go ahead and like our Facebook Page which can be found here.

As your reward for being part of our Facebook Page where giving you access to get 5 fragrance freebies from Escada.

ESCADA was launched in 1976 by founders Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley and quickly established itself as a global player in the fashion industry. Escada represents modern elegance, cool glamour and sensuality. Escada fragrances capture the same ethos of luxury sopistication and joyful escapism as the clothing lines. the range includes a host of enduring classics as well as the pioneering and ever-popular summer limited editions. Now in its 20th year, the alluring ability of the ESCADA Fashion Fragrance scents, to eclipse everyday burdens and invoke dreams of carefree sun-kissed holidays, has helped ensure a large fan base who eagerly await each annual release. Theres 5 fragrances you can get for free which are:

  • Cherry In The Air
  • Especially Escada Delicate Notes
  • Especially Escada
  • Sexy Graffiti
  • Rockin’Rio

To get your 5 free fragrances click the link below.

Free Escada Fragrances


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