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Good morning, we have a fantastic offer for you now at Free UK Freebies.

You can get free gift cards for your everyday online activity with Swagbucks.  You can search, shop, play games and watch videos, then use the ‘Swag Bucks’ you earn to get yourself some free gift cards or cash. So far they have given away more than £30 Million in rewards. Simply sign in once a day and perform a search, this takes only seconds to do. They have their own search engine that rewards you with Swagbucks when you use it and the search results are the same as Google’s. Usually you will win Swagbucks with your first or second search but sometimes it will take more than one search. The amount of Swagbucks you earn is usually around 10SB for a search and every now and then you will get 50 SB. You can search for anything you like. Just remember to do the search at least once every 24 hours. There are also other ways to win Swagbucks such as the daily poll which will reward you with 1 Swagbuck just for voting on it. Swagbucks TV will get you 3 Swagbucks for every 10 videos you watch  Check your Swagbucks mailbox because this is where they usually put quick little activities that will earn you several Swagbucks rewards.

Swagbucks are giving away £10 Amazon vouchers to 5 of  lucky users who sign up for free using our exclusive code smsoffer. You’ll also get an exclusive 100 Swag Bucks bonus to help you on your way to earning your first gift card. All you need to do to register is fill in a few essential details such as your name and email address. To get this great offer today simply click on the link below.

Earn Free Gift Cards with Swag Bucks.


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