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Well its that time of the year that happens every 4 years, the World Cup has officially began, with England winning their first group stage match against Tunisia thanks to a extra time goal from the captain Harry Kane i think we are all cheering our boys on to bring the cup home this year. With that Budweiser are giving away free bottles of their beer!

The beautiful game would be nothing without it’s dedicated fans. So, as the Official Beer of the FIFA World CupTM 2018 we’re pledging free beer for the nation if the trophy comes home – to celebrate every fan who believed in our team! Rediscover the euphoria of 1966, if your passion drives our boys to the final you’ll reap the epic reward of free Bud. All you have to do to get your free beer is fill in your details by clicking the link below and if England win they will send you a voucher worth £5 so you can get yourself a free beer!

Free Budweiser


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