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Free Bottle of Sprite

What a great freebie we have for you all, as part of our mission to give you the very best freebies in the UK we think this has to be one of them. Sprite have decently done a lot of UK TV Advertising to help increase the number of bottles sold of their product. I have always been a fan of Sprite due to its lemon and lime flavour and just reminds me of a really posh lemonade. Everyone must of at some point in their life tried Sprite since it was launched in 1961. Sprite is the world number 1 lemon and lime flavoured drink and has been keeping people refreshed in over 190 different countries. I personally didn’t think the world had 190 different countries but i guess it does. So why have the Coca Cola group done a massive advertising campaign for Sprite, well they have recently changed the recipe for Sprite which now has stevia extract in every bottle or can of Sprite. Stevia Extract is a natural sweetener which means they are now able to deliver the same great tasting drink but with 30 percent less sugar.
To get your free 500ml bottle of Sprite for you to enjoy all you need to do is click on the link below and fill in your address details. The Coca-Cola group will then send you an email, you will need to open the email and print off your voucher, you can then walk in to some of the UK’s biggest shops/supermarkets and get yourself a free bottle of Sprite. Remember to let us know what you think of it by commenting below!
Click here for your Free 500ml Sprite Bottle


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