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SmartCall is a new and free app that Virgin is launching to their home phone customers this month. It means you can use your Virgin Phone talk plan on your smartphone – all you need is a working WiFi connection. SmartCall enables you to call all of the numbers which are included in your home phone talk plan absolutely free if you have an iPhone or Android phone. There are many advantages to having Virgin Media Smart Call as well as the fact you won’t need to waste as many minutes on your phone you will also not to worry about bad reception on your mobile because of the fact it uses WiFi, you can also make inclusive calls from abroad if there is a WiFi connection, this means you can avoid hefty phone bills when keeping in touch with your friends and family.

With SmartCall, you’ll be able to call all those numbers included in your home phone talk plan for free on your iPhone and Android smartphones. It opens up more ways to talk, in more places, at no extra cost.

SmartCall is being launched this month and should be available on IOS App Store by 24th October and on the Android it should be available on Play Store by 28th October, for more information or to download this fantastic app just click on the link below.

Free Virgin SmartCall App.


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