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Great news for Pizza Lovers, even better news for those Chicago Town Pizza lovers! You can now grab yourself a free pizza from any large supermarkets in the UK!

To help launch their new Deli Crisp Crust they are letting everyone try them for free. You can pick from 4 types of pizzas:

  • Roasted Chicken
  • Deli Pepperoni
  • Cheese Medley
  • Garden Vegatable

All you have to do to get your Free Chicago Town Pizza is enter a free competition ran by Heart FM, once you submit your details to the competition you will see a button that says Claim Now. Once you hit that you will be taken to Chicago Town Pizzas website where you can enter your email address and you will be sent a free voucher for you to your email address which will allow you to go to any supermarket and grab yourself a free pizza! Click the link before to get your pizza!

To get your Free Chicago Town Pizza click here.


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