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Todays great freebie comes from the guys at Three Mobile, if your not a Three Mobile customer then keep reading as there is a free way of getting your free cinema ticket! Three Mobile love rewarding its customers, thanks to its app called Wuntu which is created just for Three Mobile customers it features lots of deals and freebies, past freebies include Free Costa Coffee, Free Dominos Pizza, Free Hotel Chocolat Hot Chocolate and many others. All of them have a zero spend requirement which is fantastic. Today (Wednesday 17th January 2018) they have they have just released a new offer which allows its customers to get a free cinema ticket at any UK Cineworld Cinema.

That means you can turn up to the cinema and watch a film without having to spend a penny! All you have to do is download the Wuntu app on your mobile device (available for both Android and iOS) and select the Free Cineworld Cinema ticket option and then select Get Code. You will then be provided with your unique voucher code which will entitle you to 1 Free Ticket to watch any film at any UK Cineworld Cinema. If you are booking your ticket online then once you get to the payment screen select where it says “Pay with a Cineworld gift card or e-gift card credit”. Enter your code from the Wuntu app and it will make your cinema ticket become free. You will how ever still have to pay the 70p booking fee when booking online. The booking fee does not apply if you turn up to the cinema and get your ticket directly from them. Whats better than watching one of the latest blockbuster movies without spending a penny!?

What if I’m not a Three Mobile Customer, how do i get the free cinema ticket?

Good question, we understand that not all our visitors are Three Mobile customers, so there are a few different ways you can get your free cinema ticket, these are as follows:

  • If you know someone who is a Three Mobile customer then you can ask them to download the app and provide you with a code which you can then use online to get your free cinema ticket.
  • You can pop down to your local Three Mobile store and get a Pay As You Go sim card from them, i think you can get these for free or you may have to pay 99p for it, we are not 100% sure. Then just insert the sim card into your phone, download the app, get your free cinema ticket code and then put your normal sim card back in your phone. Make sure you keep the three sim though so you can get the other freebies when they become available.
  • You can get a free sim from Three from their website here which is sent 1st class mail so it should arrive the next day providing you submit your details before 3pm.

Are there any tips and tricks to get more than 1 free cinema ticket?

Yes there are, if you happen to have more than 1 three mobile sim then simply keep swapping the sim cards in your phone so you can get another code to get another free cinema ticket from Cineworld. Its as simple as that!

Anything else?

Yes! Let us know in the comments how you got on and what film you went to see with your free cinema ticket. We’d love to hear what you thought about the film you watched!


It seems all the free cinema tickets have no gone, that was quick! BUT you can now get a £3 voucher from the app to use at Cineworld, so technically you can still get a free cinema ticket with this as at most Cineworlds they have a deal where on Mondays it’s £2.99 to watch any film! So you can still watch a film for free, it will just have to be on a Monday now.


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    1. You can only get the cineworld tickets if you with the phone company 3 and you’ve downloaded the wutu app on your phone and it’s only 1 ticket don’t be greedy if you with the phone company download the app and you can get the offer *FOR 1 TICKET* if anyone close in the family are with 3 ask them to download the wuntu app to and then there’s another ticket if your not with 3 you can’t get the ticket you can get a 3 SIM put it in you’re phone the download the app and grab your ticket then reedem ticket and put your SIM back in or if you have a spare phone laying around put the 3 SIM in download the wuntu app and get the cinema ticket and then keep the wuntu app on the spare phone and SIM and get different offers *PLEASE NOTE ONLY ONE OFFER * the offers come every Wednesday between 8am -8:30 most offer’s last a few days but some go with in 5 mins or few hours

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