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Good Morning everyone, we have free stuff to give away today so keep an eye out on our facebook page for the latest free stuff in the UK. So anyone back to freebie where giving away today! Everyone loves coca-cola right? well have you tried it without sugar or caffeine? No? well give it a try, its the same great coke taste but without the sugar etc… The Coca-Cola company are really trying to get everyone drinking their coke zero product compared to the normal coca-cola, the reason they are doing this is because they are trying to improve peoples lives and cut down on the amount of sugar people have a day. So i say well done to them for this. You may have recently seen one of their new tv advertising campaigns which features a bunch of people going to the cinemas to watch a film and asking how a normal coke drink, how ever the guy who is serving them secretly puts a coke zero cup inside the normal one and actually puts coke zero in instead of the normal one. Later when everyone is enjoying their coke a video is player on the big cinemas screen feature that guy telling them that they are actually drinking a coke zero and no one knew as they thought it tasted exactly the same.

So we’ve teamed up with the big guys and decided to offer you a free bottle of coke zero. you need to claim your freebie TODAY (30/04/2013) as its only valid for today. Click the link below to get your free coke. Remember theres plenty more free stuff in the uk available on our site.

Free Coke Zero Bottle


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