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cravendale milk sample

We all love milk dont we? Weather you use it for making cups or teas/coffee, cooking or having it with your breakfast cereal in the mornings. Cravendale are the UK leaders in providing fresh tasting long lasting milk to us consumers. The way they do this is by filtering their milk differently compared to your standard supermarket range milk. I’ve not sure if you have noticed the same but recently with Tesco Milk if you leave it just sat in the fridge for a few days it starts to go all lumpy, even though the milk wasn’t support to go out of date for another couple of days. that’s because there’s a lot of bacteria in the milk which turns the milk sour and into a solid.

With Cravendale you will be pleased to know that doesn’t happen, why? that’s because they don’t just pasteurise the milk, it is finely filtered to make it purer for a fresher taste, and because more of the bacteria is removed it lasts longer meaning a bottle of milk will last plenty more days and still stay fresh compared to many other UK milk brands.

So for example your standard supermarket own milk will last around 5 days before it starts to go off, but with Cravendale it stays fresh and still tastes creamy fr up to 21 days! Thats 4 times longer, just think about the amount of money you will save not having to keep buying fresh milk. Every Friday until 22nd February 2013 Cravendale are having a prize draw to give away bottles of Cravendale! 2,000 litres to be precise! Make sure fill in your details between 10am and 4pm to be in a chance of getting your free milk. To get your free bottle of milk click the link below.

Free Cravendale Milk


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