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Curvy Moon are a company that specialise in providing the finest teas available, they bring aromatic and healthy teas from Nepal, the land of natural beauty and foothills of High Himalayas, they provide refreshing and healthy quality products for a reasonable price.

Curvy Moon are giving away free sample of some of their brilliant teas. Tea is the world’s favourite drink sand can help you maintain your health as part of a balanced diet and a healthy and active lifestyle, there are so many fantastic benefits to drinking five cups a day, tea without milk has no calories, using semi-skimmed milk adds around 13 calories per cup but you benefit from valuable minerals and calcium . Tea is also a source of manganese with is essential for bone growth and body development, it also contains potassium which is vital for maintaining body fluid levels,  Tea is also a natural source of fluoride and drinking four cups makes a significant contribution to your daily intake(Only 11% of water has fluoride added.) In addition to all this green and black teas contain many antioxidants which is perfect for a detox.

You can choose two samples from a choice of six delicious teas, these are Orthodox Black Tea, Moafeng Tea which is a type of green tea, there is also Smokey Black Tea, Masala which is a spicey tea, Lemongrass and Tuslsi Tea which uses holy basil which is another name for the tuslsi leaf, it is an intriguingly fresh and zesty blend and it have been proven to lift people spirits.

To claim your offer all you need to do is enter a few essential details such as your name , email and address, this offer is only for a limited period and they are going fast so to get yours today just click on the link below

FREE Samples of Curvy Moon Tea.



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