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Hey hey hey! What freebie do we have for you all today then? Have a guess… go on… lets see if you can guess right ­čśŤ

Thats right, FREE YOGHURTS!!

We’ve teamed up with Danone to give you a chance to try one of their 6 delicious flavours, now iv had one of these and there really nice, nice big pot full of yoghurt thats nice and thick and yet 0% fat. Thats right, i said 0% fat! Well 3 of the 6 flavours are but there all high in fibre to keep your bones healthy. So what flavours can you get, well theres:

  • Strawberry – 0% Fat
  • Passion Fruit – 0% Fat
  • Cherry – 0% Fat
  • Blueberry – Low in fat
  • Peach – Low in fat
  • Raspberry – Low in fat

danio yoghurt pot


For you food freaks out there you’ll be happy to know theres┬áno artificial flavours or preservatives. To get your free yoghurt port you will need a twitter account, if you don’t have one then quickly make one, it takes only a few seconds to make an account. Once you have an account all you need to do make a tweet saying #makemybreak and then click the Sign In button on the Danio site (by clicking the link below) and they will send you an email with a voucher to get your free pot of Danio Yoghurt. Remember to get in touch with us and let us know what you thought of it. To get your free yoghurt click the link below.

Free Yoghurt Pot from Danio


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  1. I have fibromyalgia and part of that is a lack of vitamin d … and I believe danio yogurt is one that aids in this … I would love to try it please xxxx

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