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Douwe Egberts has a reputation for producing some of the finest and most delicious coffee in the world and this is shown  by the sheer popularity of their products.

Douwe Egberts has a wide selection of flavours in it’s Flavour Collective range and is giving away it’s Smooth Caramel flavour absolutely FREE.

This smooth and delicious coffee has a rich toffee aroma and a beautiful sweetness to it, Douwe Egberts Smooth Caramel Coffee tastes great either hot or iced and if things couldn’t get any better there are also only 2 calories per mug.

Simply just click on ‘like’ on the Douwe Egberts page and then scroll down and fill in a few details such as name, address and email to your FREE sample of Douwe Egberts Smooth Caramel.

Click here to get your FREE delicious Douwe Egberts coffee today.


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