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We have a fantastic giveaway for you all today in which you can watch a free preview cinema screening at cinemas across the UK. Show Film First have partnerships with the UK’s biggest film distributors and organise preview screenings to target audiences, the tickets to these screening are completely free. It’s a privilege to be part of Show Film First as you can see certain films for free, this helps the industry if you manage to spread positive word of mouth, especially through social media. You can attend an exclusive FREE screening preview of Don Jon on November 11th 2013  if you register with the site.

Don Jon is a critically acclaimed comedy film directed by and starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt(500 Days of Summer, Dark Knight Rises) which also stars Scarlett Johansson and Julianne Moore. This hilarious film see’s Joesph Gordon-Levitt play a handsome young man nicknamed Don Jon by his friends for his ability to pull any woman he likes. Despite his great and successful life, no matter how beautiful the women he meets are, they just don’t compare to his addiction to pornography, this means he doesn’t think any women are good enough and thus can’t form a relationship with anybody When he meets the girl of his dreams, the gorgeous Barbara Sugarman(Scarlett Johansson) will he change his ways for her? Find out in the best comedy film of the year.

To get your free tickets all you need to do is register with Show Film First, it is a quick one minute, process, you can then select which cinema you would like to see the film at, you will then receive an email with a ticket which you must print off, some cinema accept phone tickets but this is not always the case, in addition to this the tickets are strictly on a first come first served basis and the cinema screening will not allow late admissions.  The tickets to these screening are going very quickly so to get yours today and to receive more information about the screenings and the participating cinema branches just click on the link below.

Free Exclusive Cinema Screening Tickets to Don Jon starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Scarlett Johansson with Show Film First.


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