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Free Grasshopper Porridge Sample

A few days ago we were contacted by the makers of Grasshopper Porridge who sent us a few freebies to try and write them a little review. We all loved their porridge so much we got back in touch with them to try and work on a deal of giving all our FreeUKFreebies visitors a free pot of porridge. Well lets say they have agreed to give you all a free pot of porridge!

These days were all too busy to look after our bodies and find it hard to find something quick and easy to eat for breakfast/lunch or even as just a quick snack. But Grasshopper Porridge sorts that out for you as all you do is add hot water and your porridge is ready to eat. They use only the best ingredients in their products such as British Oats, British Milk. These are mixed together with a little cane sugar to produce a delicious combination. For you health concious people you’ll be happy to know it contains just 226 calories and slowly burns throughout the day to stop you feeling hungry.

Each pot is £1.50 so since we are giving you it you for free your saving yourself £1.50 which can be spent on something else such as a loaf of bread, or in my partners case, money to put towards a glass of wine 😉 To get your Free Porridge Sample click the link below.

Free Grasshopper Porridge


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