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It seems that yet again Three Mobile are giving away even more freebies, it was only a few days ago that we told you all about the Free Dominos Pizza freebie thanks to Three Mobile, but now they are giving away free hot chocolate. This isnt just any old hot chocolate or your cheap grade stuff you get from coffee machines. This is only one of the UKs most luxurious hot chocolates out there from Hotel Chocolat. With cold temperatures throughout the UK theres nothing better than having a hot drink whilst you walk around the high street, in my case it would be a hot chocolate as I’m not much of a fan of what seems to be a national treasure, the good old cup of tea/coffee.

This is where Three Mobile comes to save the day and offer you a free hot chocolate during these cold times, all you have to do to get your free hot drink from Hotel Chocolat is to first make sure your a three mobile customer, then go to either the Google Play store if you have an Android phone or your Apple store if you have an iPhone and search for an app called Wuntu. Wuntu is the app created by three and is where you can get all the free stuff they have to offer. Download it and install it onto your phone, once done select the Free Hotel Chocolat Hot Chocolate and press the Use Now button, you have to be quick as theres only 20,000 available on a first come first serve basis. A great thing about it is you can select the use now button so you get your code but you dont have to use it there and then, it will be saved in the app for you to use later. That way you wont miss out as you already have your code to get your free hot chocolate from hotel chocolat. Enjoy it, we did!


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