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We all know how popular LEGO is and for over 60 years it has become a global phenomenon with billions of sales being made and we have a great LEGO giveaway for you today at FREE UK FREEBIES. If your child is a fan of LEGO then LEGO Club is perfect. If you join you get The LEGO Club Magazine absolutely free for two years which has exclusive comics, quizzes, puzzles, awesome competitions, features and even special sneak previews of upcoming sets before anyone else gets a look.  They will also get 100 VIP points. The site also has tips and videos to help with the building ideas and to spark imagination. There are also get Club Codes to give members access to secret online content on the fantastic LEGO Club website. There are also exclusive events for LEGO Club members and LEGO Stores hold Club meetings for it’s members which feature two hours of building and playing fun. Your child will also get one exclusive LEGO Club T-Shirt and a Max miniature. It’s easy to become a LEGO Club member and if you are a parent or guardian all you need to do is give permission via email and also fill out essential details such as the child’s name, gender and date of birth. Once you have completed your sign up you will then receive and email with a link to confirm your registration, when you click on this you will then need to give your home address so that the magazine can be delivered to your door. To join LEGO Club today and to claim your fantastic freebie jut click on the link below.

Free LEGO Club Magazine.


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