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Toluna is a great site with more than four millions members in which you can get rewards for doing surveys and you can also test products. It has been going for nearly fourteen years and it is actually used as a research panel and survey technology provider which is why they give you samples of selected products

Today Toluna are giving you the chance to try out the Garnier  Intense Freshness Mineral Deodorant for free. It is the first 48 hour antiperspirant deodorant enriched with revolutionary Mineralite, an ultra-absorbing mineral from volcanic origin. I has a floral, citrus fragrance with a fresh combination of citrus, tangerine and ginger. It gives 48 hours of non-stop protection against perspiration, it helps your skin to breath and also has 48 hours anti-humidity and 48 hours anti-odour. It is really quick and easy to register with Toluna and you can either do it through your email or through your Facebook. This offer is going fast and is on a first come first serve basis so to get yours today just click on the link below.

Free Mineral Deodorant with Intense Freshness by Garnier.




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