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Well, todays another day we go bonkers and give you all lots of freebies, we’ll need a break after this, but then saying that because we love giving you all freebies we’ll probably give you all another load of freebies tomorrow too. So keep an eye out on our Freebie Facebook Page to keep up to-date with the latest freebies and competitions. Well since you all just loved the last freebie we did with the guys at Simple we’ve decided to team up with them again to let you all get another freebie from them, this time instead of the Free Simple Face Wipes we gave away last time where now giving away their Essential Lip Balm. Their lip balm is made from a great blend of ingredients that all work well together to apply a smooth invisible layer over your lips that will provide long lasting protection featuring SPF-15. Since simple are well know for looking after our skin everything they make is perfume free, colour free, and use no unnecessary ingredients that will upset your skin. So to get yourself a free sample of Simple Essential Lip Balm all all round protection click the link under the below image and fill in your details for them to send it you.

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Free Simple Essential Lip Balm


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