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special k porridge

Good afternoon, we have have another giveaway for you at Free UK Freebies.

Special K have just launched a new multi-grain porridge and you can try it absolutely free. The new porridge comes in three tasty flavours – Red Berries, Simply Original and Almond & Honey – and it’s got 30% less fat* than leading porridge brands. Each box contains six sachets – which each take just two and a half minutes to cook in the microwave. Pick up a box now in store or online at for just £1.98 – or get two for £3.50. And pick up one of their new porridge pots if you’re on the go for just 98p each!

Asda 10,000 sachets of Special K Red Berries multi-grain porridge to give away so you can try it out for yourself.  All you needy fill in the form below before 12pm on 20th November  2013. There are only so many free Special K Porridge’s to give away so to get yours today simply click on the link below.


Free Special K Porridge from ASDA.


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