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spray tan

Who wants to get that summer look and make everyone think you’ve just come back from holiday and been somewhere nice? Ladies these days have to always look nice (apparently), constantly putting make up on or fake eyelashes to ensure they look good. Myself personally doesn’t see the point, like i know a few people who wont even go round the corner for a pint of milk without putting some sort of makeup on. But then again i go to the sun beds every now and again to make myself not look like a ghost. But anyway enough of me rambling on, we’ve teamed up with O2 and The Tanning Shop to give you all a free spray tan, whooooo! Now if your an O2 customer then this is pretty easy for you to get, if not then it will mean you need to get an o2 sim card for free (here). You wont need to pay a penny to get the free sim card or to get the free spray tan. Once you have an O2 Sim Card, simply put it in your phone and download the O2 Priority Moments app on your phone. You will need to open the program up and you will be able to select your free spray tan. Simple go in to any The Tanning Shop stores, show them your voucher and they will give you a free spray tan. Simple as that. So now you can get that bronze summer look without paying a penny.

Stay tuned though, we have a voucher code coming later today which will give you 40% off at Pizza Hut which works today and tomorrow.


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