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Strongbow currently have a promotion in which can get your hands of FREE pints of cider, it’s not often you can you get your hands on free cider so this is a brilliant and rare offer.

Strongbow is for those who know real satisfaction cannot be bought, it must be earned. Strongbow say that the you must grab the moment and push yourself, the promise of a crisp pint of Strongbow lies in wait for those who embrace the opportunity to earn it.

This offer is done through social media activity on Facebook and Twitter. When you go on the Strongbow site you are given an ‘digital pint’ which is empty at first, your aim is to fill it using your Facebook and Twitter, this includes sharing  on the social media sites, so for example, if you click on the ‘tweet’ button your twitter will share “I’m just ordering a pint of the usual” followed by a URL to the Strongbow site, this is also the case with Facebook, the more check ins and friends you manage to get to also take part, the more your glass will be filled up, when your glass is full you will receive cider delivered to your door.

Using social media for such promotions fits in with Strongbow’s current tagline  “Earn your Bowtime”, you too can earn your refreshing Strongbow by clicking on the link below.

Free Strongbow Cider Promotion.


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