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Taylors of Harrogate has been producing some of the finest coffee for over 125 years and  they have a wide range of coffees to suit different occasions whether it’s a morning coffee or something to finish an off an evening meal, each coffee it’s own unique mix of beans with the freshest flavour. Taylors believe in quality and are always trying to find better beans, they 100% arabica beans in their blends, Taylors also have strong ethics which means they buy coffee beans based on quality and they trade with respect to the farmers and have a lasting partnership with the suppliers.

Taylors are giving away 20,000 free sample packets of it’s Lazy Sunday blend which contains 45g of coffee which makes around four mugs. It is made using beautiful Rainforest Alliance Certified Rwandan coffee for a smooth blend. It is by far one of Taylors biggest sellers which means that they can guarantee an income to the farmers and help to enable them to be sustainable in the long run and manage their coffee farms in a way that improves crop quality and to look after the environment to ensure coffee farming is maintained in the future. Taylors Rwandan coffee is a remarkable and elegant blend and Lazy Sunday is the perfect example of this, all you need to do to get yours today is fill out a form with a few essential details including your name, address and email. This offer is on until 2nd December 2013 but the coffee is going fast so to get yours today just click on the link below.

Free Taylors of Harrogate Coffee.


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