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Hello everyone! Where on a mission today, to bring you as many freebies as we can. Todays first free thing available to you all are really for woman. They are the brand new Tena Lights, what are they? Well these have been designed and produced for those little oooops moments. What’s great about these products is it doesn’t matter how big or small you are theres a size for each and everyone of you. These have been tried and tested and the results are really good, they absorb much faster compared to all other sanitary products which can only mean one thing, you feel more dry and fresher quicker. Each one also comes with an odour control meaning no nasty smells. There 4 different types you can pick from these are:

  • Tena Light Liners – what’s great about these are they are no thicker than a fingernail and yet they don’t seem to tear or rip easily. This product is more for people who wear regular pantyliners. Every single one of these absorbs twice as much wetness than other liners.
  • Tena Liners – These are people who want to feel comfortable and feel like there not wearing one. They are shaped to fit around your body and are the length of a new eyebrow pencil. As these are 3mm thick which to be honest isn’t really that thick, they absorb wetness a lot faster and more compared to normal liners.
  • Tena Liners Single Wrap – These are exactly the same as the one above, except these are individually wrapped for your convenience, so you can take them everywhere with you discretely like in your bag or pocket without anyone knowing.
  • Tena Long Liners – These are the most absorbing liners from the new Tena Lights range. They are also the longest ones in the range for those woman who like the reassurance of one.

I hope iv been able to provide you with some information about each one and they helped you pick which once suites you. To get your free Tena Lights Sample click the link below and fill in your details so we can send them out to you.

Free Tena Lights Sample


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