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tesco organic strawberries


Hi everyone, we’re all back at work today after our 2 week holiday in Spain, Calpe. So who wants this weeks first freebie!?

Well since we are having great weather here in the UK we thought we’d give you all something summery and refreshing, so we thought what’s perfect for the british summer? Then we came up with the idea to give you all a free pack of organic strawberries! Strawberries is one of those great british fruits that everyone loves, whether its with cream, ice cream, in a fruit salad or just by eating them on their own. So what have you got to do to get your hands on a free 300g pack of tescos organic strawberries? All you need to do is click on the link below and follow these steps:

  1. Add 1 pack of tesco organic strawberries (300g) to your basket and click the checkout button.
  2. Click the Print shopping lists button and go to your nearest tescos and purchase them (saves you having to pay for a delivery charge)
  3. Once you have purchased the organic strawberries then take a picture of the receipt using a camera or mobile phone (inc. the date, shop and product bought) and send it via email to You should also tell them your paypal address.
  4. When they get the image of the receipt they will send you the money back to your paypal address
  5. Enjoy your free organic strawberries from Tesco

Click here to get your Free Tesco Organic Strawberries.


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