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Uncle Ben’s is one of the top selling rice brands and their talented chefs have spent years developing a range of products that bring the flavours of he world to your mealtimes. You can buy express rice, loose rice, boil in the bag rice, risotto and a variety of sauces as well as Rice Time ready meals. There is a live online cook along tonight at 8:30pm with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. He will be using Uncle Ben’s rice during the cook-along and so that you can join in you can get your hands on a free 250g pack of Uncle Ben’s Wholegrain rice at Tesco stores throughout the UK.  The voucher comes free with the Metro newspaper which is free on most public transport,  this voucher on the online edition of the Metro and we have posted a picture of the voucher on here for you to print and take to your nearest Tesco. This offer is valid until the 10th November. and can not be used on Tesco online or at Tesco Express stores. To get your voucher today just click on the link below.

Free Uncle Ben’s Rice at Tesco with Metro Newspaper.




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