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Gillette noticed that a normal razor is not suitable for people over a certain age and for those that need help having a shave. So for the past few years Gillette have been creating the Treo Razor which is purposely designed solely for assisted shaving.  TREO offers the utmost care and comfort for caregivers and care recipients alike meaning your family members can feel relaxed and happy knowing they’ve just had a good shave.

As this freebie is only for people who really need it we kindly ask that you dont request a freebie just for the sake of it, if you dont need it then dont request for the freebie, lets those who really need it have chance of requesting for it.

To get your free gillette treo click here.


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  1. Having reached my 3 score years and 10 I find that there are places where the ordinary razor does not reach and Heinekan have not made a razor yet

  2. I am Looking at this and think it be helpful for my husband to shave with as he is disabled because he is missing having a shave with a razor as he thinks a battery one don’t get as close as a wet shave.

  3. I would like to try it out as I have bother trying to have a shave I have arthritis and it’s difficult holding a conventional razor.
    Kind regards

  4. Please can I have this it looks brilliant I’ve never seen one before I’d love to try it out 😁😁😁😁

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