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NAVFREE is the first crowd-powered navigation system in the world. Other ‘free’ satnavs are often time limited and can have hidden payments. With Navfree you get you get turn by turn directions, spoken and on screen instructions , you can even have offline map use.

The app has received massively positive reviews and has been praised for the fact that the maps can actually be stored on your device which means there is no need for data connection whilst driving, this is great as signal can be lost quite frequently and this is a great way to solve this issue, it also means you get a more accurate navigation as your device is not constantly looking for signal.Navfree takes advantage of open source map data from OpenStreetMap in which routes are constantly improved by nearly half a million users around the world. You can even get involved youself and make changes to the maps by visiting

You can browse maps by dragging and scrolling and there are several different guidance displays including 2D, 3D and safety screen mode, the screen also switches to low glare mode for safer driving at night, as well as this it also zooms in at junctions.

It has a fast routing engine which allows you to calculate long routes in seconds, it will also automatically reroute if you happen to miss a turn. You can preview your route before you set off.  There are also maps available for as many as 32 countries.

To download this fantastic FREE app today just click on the link below.

FREE Navfree Satellite Navigation Application.


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