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O2 customers can get plenty of rewards, offers and discounts with O2 Priority, today you can get free movie rental and popcorn at any branch of Blockbuster, there is a wide selection of films available including Man of Steel, Pacific Rim, Despicable Me 2, After Earth and The Conjuring.

There are three different types of Priority at O2, there is Priority Tickets which can means you can get first in line to gigs and events and can purchase tickets 48 hours before general release, there is also Priority Sports in which sports fans can get exclusive offers, and then there is Priority Moments which today’s fantastic freebie comes under.

If you wish to join Priority Moments which is exclusive to o2 you can either download the app to your phone to check out the latest offers or if you don’t have smartphone you can look at the range of offers on the O2 website, to register you can either text MOMENTS to 2020 or you can register online. To claim your FREE movie rental and popcorn today just click on the link below.

Free Movie Rental & Popcorn at Blockbuster with O2 Priority.




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