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Everyone loves chicken! well except for vegetarians of course. They don’t know what there missing, especially when it comes to KFC Chicken! My personal favourite is a Wicked Zinger Burger, or if your from the south they ask if you want a spicy burger. When i said to them id like a wicked zinger burger they said do i want me chicken spicy, I’m pretty sure thats what a wicked zinger burger is?? But anyway for today only (Tuesday 7th May 2013) you can get yourself a free piece of original recipe chicken from any KFC store in the UK. Now im weird, i cant eat chicken off the bone as just the thought of my teeth touching the bone goes through me. Now if they did something like free popcorn chicken then id be straight down to my local kfc for some popcorn chicken. Its nicer though if you dip it in their gravy, everyones gotta love the kfc gravy right?

Anyway lets get back on track and give you all a free piece of yummy kfc chicken. To get your freebie click on the link below. You will need to print the voucher off and hand it in to any kfc store in the UK and they will give you 1 free piece of KFC chicken!

Free KFC Chicken Voucher


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