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At Free UK Freebies we also have some top tips and secrets for saving money, today we have a tip which can be used in any Tesco store.

If an item in any Tesco store is out of stock but on offer, it is possible to get a voucher from the customer services desk which allows for unlimited time allows you to get the product for the offer price when the product returns.

So for example if you was to see an offer instore for Kellogg’s Special K priced at £1 a box but it is not in stock, simply go to the customer service desk and let them know that you want a Price Promise voucher, when the product is back in stock, even if the offer has ended and Special K has gone back to it’s retail price of £3.99 you will still get it for £1 if you show your voucher at the till. The Price Promise voucher also applies to other offers including Buy-One-Get-Free and 3 for 2.

It is worth noting that this can only be done instore and not online.


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