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Do you love smoothies? Do you love Strawberries? then try this brand new range of Smoothies from UpBeat. This new smoothie brand is launching 3 great flavours for you all to try, these are Strawberry, Coconut & Pineapple and Blueberry & Raspberry. These smoothies are perfect for breakfast or as a morning boost. Another great thing about this are that there is no added sugar in any of their smoothies and each one is full of protein meaning if your trying to work out and lose some weight then you can still have these to boost your energy in the gym.

We’ve tried these ourselves and we think they taste great, they certainly will be going in our shopping trolly next time! Another great thing about the freebie giveaway is that they are also giving away 3 lots of £100 Amazon Vouchers! So not only could you be walking away with a free smoothie but you could also win £100 in vouchers!

To get your free smoothie click here.


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