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Afternoon everyone, as some of you will know from our facebook page we’ve had lots of meetings last week on securing you all some great freebies for the months to come. Today we come back to you all with the first great freebie of this month. Free Beer from Coors Light, did i hear a Whooooo! then? Its not often we get to offer you free vouchers for alcohol so make sure you get your voucher quick before they all go! Everyone has seen the Coors Light tv adverts where you get to see a guy in the middle of some place freezing cold full of snow and ice and telling us to drink Coors Light ice cold. Whats great about the bottles that hold the beer in is they tell you when the beer is the right cool temperature to drink. That way you get to drink the beer ice cold and get the full rich flavor it has to offer.

To get your free 4 pack of Coors Lights Beer all you have to do is go on their site by clicking the link below and filling in your friends details to give them a ‘Cold Call’ (prank call). When you submit the information they will send a link to your friend to click on to get the call, once they do they will receive a prank call and will be emailed a voucher to get a case of Coors Light for free. Now we understand your ‘friend’ will get the freebie, but if you want it yourself all you have to do is use a family members email/telephone number such as your partners, sisters, mother etc… This freebie is for strictly 18 years of age and over. You will not get served the alcohol if you are not that age and you will be asked to proove your age with your driving license or passport. To get your free beer click the link below.

Free 4 Pack of Coors Light Beer


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